Essays in the Industrial History of Scunthorpe

Les Wells


This site is a series of essays on the industrial history of  Scunthorpe, which means in essence, the history of ironstone mining and iron  and steel production in the local area.

There are already available  a number of essays and published works on the subject: a biography is in the course of production which will list the ones that are worthy of attention. Unfortunately a fair amount of nonsense has been published, especially regarding the early years in the development of the ironstone district. Even quite recently works have been published that purport to describe the history of those years by resorting to ‘urban myths’ and other hackneyed accounts and published without any recourse to the serous study of the primary source material that is available.

The essays published here are based on research at the West Riding Archive Service’s Wakefield and Leeds repository’s, the former holds copies of many deeds, wills and agreements while the latter holds the Nostel Priory Munimunts:  the  family records of the Winn’s, letter books, copies of agreements deeds and much . Along with the Lord St Oswald (Mining) deposits at the North East Lincolnshire Archive Office at Grimsby  they form the basis on which the research for the essays are based. Additional material comes from the National Archives, Kew, Sheffield Archive Office and Scunthorpe Museum and Art Gallery. I take here the opportunity of thanking the staff of those establishments for all the help they have provided in the course of my research.

I would finally like to dedicate this series of essay’s to all those in the ironstone district who in the course of their working lives dug the ironstone, cast the iron and rolled the steel, Our town’s heritage  is much the richer for all their efforts; we should remember them with pride.

Les Wells 30th March 2012.